All About Spelling R65 Discount Promo

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Use coupon Code SPELLING65 the get R65 of your All About Spelling!

t&c apply!

Limited stock available. Promotion end 4 June 2018.


4 thoughts on “All About Spelling R65 Discount Promo

  1. Hallo Lindie. Hoeveel kos level2 van die spelling reeks nou?
    Groete Este

    1. Hi It is R680 without the R65 Discount. Have a look here

  2. Hi Lindie

    I am teaching a child who I am pretty sure is dyslexic. The parents don’t have much money. I think this system is the best way to go. What do I need to start, how much will it cost, and how do I go about ordering?

    Kind regards

    Elaine Trewartha

    1. Hi Elaine

      If you look At the AAR levels each level has a placement test. best if to complete the placement test and see what level he is at. You can order on the website. if you have anymore questions please email us at

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