Discover Achaos: A Gripping Tale of Love, Vengeance, and Survival by South African Author Magdalena Brynard
Achaos by Magdalena Brynard


Welcome, homeschooling families and literature enthusiasts, to another exciting update from The Book Connection! We are thrilled to bring you a new addition to our platform – a dedicated space for aspiring South African authors, particularly moms or students within the homeschool community or beyond. Our first book and author highlight features Achaos by Magdalena Brynard.

Introducing Achaos: Love – Vengeance – Survival

Step into the captivating world of Achaos, where the year is 559 BC, and a tale of love, vengeance, and survival unfolds. In this epic novel, Magdalena Brynard takes readers on a journey through a historical landscape, exploring the boundaries between love and loyalty.

The Story Unveiled

Set against the backdrop of an epic dispute in 559 BC, Romulus, a defected General to the King of Persia, embarks on a brutal campaign fueled by hatred and vengeance. His mission: to annihilate all who defy him and his God. The narrative takes a compelling turn when Romulus encounters Mia, the crown Princess of Achaos. This meeting prompts him to pursue the only woman who escaped his clutches, setting the stage for a tale of epic proportions.

However, Mia’s path to freedom is fraught with challenges. After enduring brutal torture, she vows to restore faith and hope to her tribe. The story explores the intricate interplay between love and loyalty, taking readers on a journey of self-discovery that transcends the boundaries of time.

About the Author: Magdalena Brynard

Magdalena Brynard, a born and raised storyteller from Southern Africa, brings Achaos to life with her passion for history and storytelling. With a background in Drama and Film, Magdalena has portrayed various characters on the London stage before dedicating herself to the art of writing.

Her love for history and storytelling led her to The Writer’s Bureau in Manchester, where she completed a comprehensive writing course. Magdalena has previously written children’s stories and a novella, Nkosazana Africa – Hope in Transit, published on Amazon KDP in 2019.

Now, in collaboration with KREST Publishers, Magdalena’s dream of becoming an author has been realised with the release of Achaos. She currently resides in Pretoria, South Africa, with her husband and three children, combining her love for reading with her passion for travel.

Discover Achaos on The Book Connection

We are thrilled to announce that Achaos by Magdalena Brynard is now available on The Book Connection. Immerse yourself in this gripping tale of ancient times, where love, vengeance, and survival intertwine to create an unforgettable narrative.

Explore New Author Section

The Book Connection is proud to introduce a new section dedicated to supporting aspiring South African authors within the homeschool community and beyond. Our aim is to provide a platform for talented individuals, especially moms or students, to launch their literary careers and showcase their work.

Magdalena Brynard’s Achaos marks the beginning of this exciting venture. Stay tuned for more releases and updates as we continue to bring you compelling stories from new South African voices.

At The Book Connection, we understand the importance of literature in education, and we strive to make quality resources, including captivating novels like Achaos, easily accessible to homeschooling families across South Africa.

Happy Reading and Exploring the World of Achaos!

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