All About Spelling for Homeschooling Success
Mastering Spelling: All About Spellings Curriculum for Homeschooling Success in South Africa


Spelling is a crucial skill in homeschooling, as it plays a significant role in communication and language proficiency. All About Spelling’s curriculum offers an effective and comprehensive approach to teaching spelling, ensuring that students develop strong spelling abilities.

The program utilises various strategies to enhance spelling proficiency, including phonics, spelling rules, visual strategies, and morphemic strategies. By incorporating these spelling strategies, All About Spelling helps struggling spellers improve their skills and become confident in their spelling abilities.

Benefits for Homeschooling

One of the key benefits of All About Spelling is its multi-sensory approach to teaching. The program engages students through visual, auditory, and kinaesthetic methods, making the learning process more interactive and enjoyable. This approach is particularly beneficial for homeschoolers, as it allows for individualised instruction based on the specific learning style and needs of each student.

All About Spelling is designed to be suitable for students of all ages, including those with learning disabilities. The program provides a structured and systematic approach to spelling instruction, which helps students build a strong foundation and progress at their own pace. This flexibility is especially valuable for homeschoolers, as it allows them to tailor the curriculum to suit their preferences and meet their specific educational goals.

The program also incorporates hands-on learning materials, such as letter tiles and flashcards, to reinforce spelling rules and concepts. These manipulatives provide a tangible and interactive learning experience, making spelling lessons more engaging and effective.

All About Spelling follows the Orton-Gillingham approach, a highly regarded method for teaching reading, writing, and spelling. The curriculum consists of seven levels, each focusing on different phonograms and spelling concepts. The levels are designed to be easy to follow, with scripted lessons and built-in review systems to ensure mastery of spelling skills.

Why All About Spelling is an Effective Choice Homeschoolers

All About Spelling’s curriculum offers comprehensive and individualised spelling instruction for homeschoolers. With its multi-sensory approach, customisation options, and step-by-step lesson plans, the program caters to the diverse needs and preferences of homeschooling families. By incorporating All About Spelling into their curriculum, homeschoolers can provide their students with a solid foundation in spelling and empower them to become confident and proficient spellers. The full series is available in South Africa at The Book Connection online store.

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