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Achaos By Magdalena Brynard

Love – Vengeance – Survival 

What would you sacrifice?

It is the year 559BC. Following an epic dispute; fuelled by hatred and vengeance Romulus, a defected General to the King of Persia, leads a brutal campaign bent on annihilating all who dare defy him and his God. 

After an encounter with Mia, crown Princess of Achaos, Romulus decides to pursue in search of the only woman who escaped his clutches.

After brutal torture Mia, Crown princess of Achaos vows to restore faith and hope to her tribe, but her plight for freedom comes at a great cost.  

The boundaries between love and loyalty will be challenged in this epic novel, taking you on a journey of self-discovery.

About the author

Magdalena Brynard was born and raised on the plains of Southern Africa, where storytelling has always played a pivotal part in her life. Since her childhood, her free time was spent in the creativity department of the school, studying history and Shakespeare. 

After completing her bachelor’s degree in Drama and Film, her pursuits were set on the West End, and she portrayed various characters on the London stage. Her love for history and storytelling then led her to The Writer’s Bureau in Manchester, where she completed a comprehensive writing course, and a new stage was set.

Magdalena has written several children’s stories, including Milo en Rocco and Die Avonture van Blou, and often entertains her children with tales of adventure and intrigue. Her first novella, Nkosazana Africa – Hope in Transit, was published on Amazon KDP in 2019.

In collaboration with KREST Publishers, her dream of becoming an author has been realised. 

Magdalena lives with her husband and three children in Pretoria, South Africa. She is an avid reader who loves to travel every moment she gets.