Only GOOD NEWS from The Book Connection, incl 5% discount!

So much is happening at The Book Connection  at the moment!  Some new products are available and some new products will be coming soon.  See below for more info on new products.  And in the midst of all of this the exchange rate is extremely favorable!

5 discount

Firstly, our prices on Classical Academic Press have come down quite a bit, so if you have looked at Classical Academic Press products before and found their products to be too pricey, please contact us again for a quote.

Secondly, due to the wonderful state of the Rand, we are offering a 5% discount on all All About Learning ,  Classical Academic Press curriculum and Institute for Excellence in Writing orders until Friday 2nd February 2018. This excludes Teaching from Rest and pre-orders.

Thirdly,  please go have a look at our updated website . You will find it nicely updated including price updates.  The best of the price updates is that IEW Student Writing Intensive has come down to R1500!

Please see below for new books available now and coming soon!

APPINESS is a habit

​Happy Schooling!​


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