All About Reading

Do you worry about teaching your children to read and spell? This is one of biggest concerns for new homeschooling moms. Often this anxiety is because parents have been told that only trained teachers can teach children to read.

With All About Reading you have a program that holds your hand all the way! Because it is easy to teach, you need no previous training. The lesson plans are lightly scripted leaving no need for guess work. This means you need only focus on your child.

Mastery based programs

The programs are mastery based. This means that the number on the program does not translate to a grade but rather to a skill level. Your struggling 10-year-old you can start with Level 1 ย - as well as a first time reader.

This program is also suitable for children with learning difficulties to get them off to a strong start.

Short lessons

The lessons teach one concept at a time and each lesson is ONLY 20 minutes per day. There are a wide variety of activities therefore, along with your short lessons, your children will not get bored or demotivated.

Both All About Reading and All About Spelling are multisensory programs which naturally allow your children to learn via the 3 learning pathways simultaneously. When you teach your children in this manner, you donโ€™t need to know what their learning style is, it will simply cover all the bases.

There are 5 levels, as well as a fun pre-reading program for your young child. It is an open and go program which you can use with more than one child over the years as only a small part of it is consumable. This means that you save money when you buy it as you can โ€“ and will want to โ€“ use it over and over again.