All About Spelling

Gone are the days of boring spelling lists that leave you and your child yawning and looking out the window. This program was developed for homeschoolers (and other educators) and is great complimentary program with All About Reading.

Once you have completed All About Reading Level 1 you can begin All About Spelling. There are 7 levels in the spelling program for you to work through with your children. It uses a multi-sensory approach which naturally teach all 3 learning pathways simultaneously.

It is an open and go program which you can use with more than one child over the years as only a small part of it is consumable. This means that you save money when you buy it as you can โ€“ and will want to โ€“ use it over and over again.

The mastery-based building block program will work for children who have learning difficulties as well as those who donโ€™t.