Say goodbye to boring dates and names and hello to the story of the past! Susan Wise Bauer’s Story of the World takes you and your children on a narrative journey of our world’s past starting with the earliest people and ending at the Cold War.

You will cover the whole span of world history with the simple telling of a story and then turn to the children’s activities books where you will either write or draw a narration, Charlotte Mason style, answer comprehension questions or do mapwork. The student activity book also has fun hands on activities for you to do.

These may be arts, crafts, writing, or science projects, or just fun supplemental activities. Most require only common household supplies and art supplies such as paints & paintbrushes, boxes, newspaper and waxed paper, self-drying clay, etc. Several projects are provided for each chapter, covering a wide range of activities and age abilities. These could include anything from building your own hut to making your own cuneiform tablets, mummifying a chicken, brick-making, baking an African or Greek feast, purple dye, an erupting volcano, an olympic wreath, a Native American sand painting, a Roman chariot, making paper, and LOTS more.

This is history that your children will not forget.