Life of Fred Elementary Math

Why is Life of Fred elementary math different to the rest?

Whether there is joy in learning maths depends so much on how it is taught. According to Stanley Schmidt, PhD who wrote the amazing Life of Fred series, almost every maths book falls into one of three categories.


A principle is presented, some pictures are added and then the child has 30 boring problems to do.


Pages are loaded with colour and the problems are like eating candy floss ย - no brain power is required.

And then there is Fred - #3. Fun to read, complete, inexpensive, engaging and motivating and very relevant to every day life. There are concrete reasons for learning maths this way - not just to finish a set of problems.

You are ready to start Life of Fred Elementary math when...
1. You can talk in sentences.
2. You are willing to listen to a 5 page story.
3. You can hold a pencil.
4. You can print the digits 0 to 10
5. You know your basic addition and subtraction facts up to 10

Dr. Schmidt recommends that all students up to 4th grade start with Apples and work their way through the entire elementary series.ย There are ten books in Life of Fred elementaryย math series. Each book covers one day in Fred's life and more maths than we have ever seen in other curriculum.

If you have children who say "I hate maths" or ask "Why do I have to learn this?" then it is time for you to introduce them to Fred.