Pre-High School Math

Pre-high school math with Life of Fred will continue to delight your growing children and challenge them to think and solve problems in a conversational and relevant way.

Even though your children will be working through fractions, decimals and percents, you will be delighted to know that even in pre-high school maths they will not be forced to endure the drill and kill methodology found in so many other math books.

You and your children will continue to giggle - and learn - your way through maths with Fred as your guide and your maths lessons will become the most favourite part of your day. No longer will children be asking "why should I know this" or complaining that maths is fact, we bet they will be asking for more than their days allocated work!

When should you start on pre-high school math? Once you know:

i) the addition tables (What's 5 + 8?)
ii) the subtraction tables (What's 8 - 5?)
iii) the multiplication tables (What's 7 times 8?)
iv) long division (What's 6231 divided by 93?) are ready to start Life of Fred Fractions, the first book in the Pre-Algebra series. This book goes far beyond basic fractions so you probably do need it even if you have already learned a bit about basic fractions.

After completing Life of Fred Fractions, go on to the Decimals and Percents Book. Again, this book teaches much more than decimals and percents! Follow along the recommended order for completion and before you know it, you will be inviting Fred as a guest to your dinner table conversations.