Writing Skills

Build your children's writing skills with Susan Wise Bauer's Writing with Ease.

Not everyone is going to be the next Jane Austen or Michael Mopurgo! But everyone does need to know how to read, write and spell to get on in life.

Perhaps you don’t feel that you have what it takes to help your child become a skilled writer? Does this leaves you feeling uncertain whether you can homeschool your child successfully.

In this day and age where our children are bombarded with many ugly things in the world it is a privilege that parents can give them beautiful things to think about.

One of the ways we can effortlessly include this in their lives is by copy work assignments. Many times, as busy moms, this may slip between the cracks in our children’s education. But there is an easy way to incorporate it into your children’s learning days.

As with all our other programs, these writing skills programs are open and go. It is a simple to use program for moms who are wanting to raise equipped future writers.


Borrowing heavily from the classical and Charlotte Mason style of learning to write well, the focus on copywork, dictation and narration to build your child’s skill and confidence.

Susan Wise Bauer’s Writing Skills books take excerpts of interesting texts – stories, poems, science and history – and guide you in the process of teaching your children narration, copy work, dictation and handwriting.

The lessons are lightly scripted in the first half of each book. The second half contains your children’s worksheet pages which have beautiful winsome pictures to engage your children.

Each book has lessons for 36 weeks – a whole year of learning – doing 3 or 4 lessons a week. The lessons are easy to fit into short 20 minute segments. This prevents dawdling and day dreaming and leaves your children excited about the next lesson.

These writing skills programs are a wonderful compliment to All About Reading and All About Spelling to complete your children’s homeschool language arts curriculum.

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