Language Arts High School: Classes (Book 3)

The overall picture in business, math, football, life, and English. This is the 3rd book in the High school Language arts series.

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The overall picture in business, math, football, life, and English

  • Seven parts of speech,
  • Tense is the Latin word for time,
  • Prepositions explained in 30 seconds,
  • A sentence with 16 prepositional phrases,
  • Adjectives,
  • Three kinds of adjectival errors,
  • Four uses of italics,
  • Simplifying the 12 tenses,
  • Positive, comparative, and superlative forms of adjectives,
  • Proper nouns used as adjectives,
  • Suffix,
  • Using the present tense to indicate things that are always true,
  • Direct and indirect objects,
  • Often the least effective way to teach is to lecture,
  • Nominative, objective, and possessive cases,
  • Simile,
  • Schwa,
  • Auxiliary verbs,
  • Elliptical construction,
  • Formal, informal, nonstandard, and general English,
  • Two ways our brains work,
  • The four emotions (glad, sad, mad, and afraid),
  • Counter words,
  • The three reasons to write,
  • Adverbs,
  • The three parts of mothering,
  • The seven rules for when to double the final consonant when adding the suffix –ed (and simplified down to one rule),
  • Intersection of sets,
  • Less vs. fewer,
  • Infinitive form of a verb as subject, object, adjective, and adverb,
  • Holloware, flatware, and how to set a table,
  • Prepositions at the end of sentences,
  • Euphemisms and minced oaths,
  • Subjunctive, imperative, and indicative moods,
  • Antecedents of pronouns,
  • Nauseous vs. nauseated,
  • Stream of consciousness writing,
  • Hyphens can change meaning,
  • When to hyphenate compound adjectives (the six rules).

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