Latin for Children Primer B (Complete set DVD)

A yearlong course for Latin students in grades 5-7



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A yearlong course for students in grades 5-7

Don’t stop now! Latin for Children Primer B Program, the second program in the Latin for Children series, is just as engaging, incremental, and creative as Latin for Children Primer A Program.

Full program includes:

Latin for Children Primer B (consumable student edition and workbook) Students will learn new grammar concepts, Latin numbers, and much new vocabulary. Exercises, quizzes, a thrilling adventure story, and a useful reference section are also included. Lessons include a plethora of mnemonic aids (songs, chants) that enable students to learn vocabulary and grammar with ease and delight.

What’s in the New Revised Edition?
1. Latin for Children Primer B, now printed in full color, has been enhanced with beautiful illustrations as well as images and paintings from medieval European culture.

  • A medieval adventure story, Seeking Donum, has also been added.
  • Students will continue to follow Marcus and Julia—this time as they try to escape from a sinking ship and make their way back home to safety through an unknown land full of dangers and surprises.
  • The chapter-by-chapter Latin grammar sequence remains the same as previous versions.
  • The new teaching video, now in high-definition, is available in streaming or DVD format. Students will love studying Latin even more as they use this newly revised and improved edition.

2. Latin for Children Primer B Answer Key.

  • This teacher’s tool features actual, full-size pages from the primer, with answers to quizzes, exercises, and worksheets in bold print.
  • This key corresponds with the newly revised edition of the primer and also includes a suggested weekly schedule.

3. Latin for Children Primer B Video & Audio (6-DVD & 2-CD Set).

  • The Primer B Video, now in high-definition, offers valuable teaching and guidance by author Dr. Christopher Perrin.
  • Each lesson (approximately 20–25 minutes) corresponds to the weekly chapter in Latin for Children Primer B and features the chanting and singing of vocabulary (in both the classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations), including noun declensions and verb conjugations, and clear grammatical explanations.
  • The video can be used to prep the teacher for the lesson, to help a student catch up on a missed lesson, to help a student maintain or catch up over the summer, or as a substitute when the teacher is absent.
  • The audio files feature Latin students pronouncing and rhythmically repeating each vocabulary word and grammar chart in the primer—first the Latin, then the English equivalent.
  • These chants are an incredible tool to use for fun memorization and contain all 240 vocabulary words in both the classical and ecclesiastical pronunciations.
  • Take them wherever you go!
  • Lapbooks: Students can assemble their own lapbooks with coloring pages, cutouts, puzzles, and other hands-on activities to help them practice all that they’ve learned.
  • More Videos: Additional animated stories featuring Latin include the classic tale “The Fox and the Grapes” and a creative take on the Amo, Amas, Amat Latin chant.

4. Latin for Children Primer B Activity Book! (consumable)

  • Following Primer B chapter by chapter, students explore a mad scientist’s lab, help little Billy find his way home, drill for oil, solve puzzles, aid the Three Musketeers, go pearl diving, fish for stars, hunt for submarine wolf packs, work on the chain gang, search for pirate treasure, and more—all while learning Latin! Includes the reproducible group and solitaire game
  • RetroSpecto™ and a Whopper Crossword Poster.

5. Latin for Children Primer B History Reader (consumable).

  • Young Latin students can begin to translate and read a selection of simple Latin stories at their own level.
  • The stories are integrated with the grammar and vocabulary of Latin for Children Primer B, correspond with the Veritas Press History Card series, and feature stories of the Middle Ages.

Note: The old editions of the primer and answer key are not compatible with this newly revised edition (though the grammar is taught in the same sequence). The DVD or streaming video, however, will still work with previous editions of the text. The Activity Book and History Reader are also still compatible with either version.