Life of Fred Beginning Algebra

Jump into Life of Fred Beginning Algebra once you have completed the pre-algebra courses for an enjoyable five days of our heroes life.


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Is your child ready to start Algebra? If you have worked through the Pre-Algebra series, then jump into Life of Fred Beginning Algebra. In five days of Fred’s life, every aspect of beginning algebra pops up in our hero’s life.

  • What it takes to get drafted into the army at age 6
  • New milkshake marketing techniques
  • About enjambment in the colonel’s library
  • . . . and algebra

The expanded edition includes all of first-year high school algebra. Some of the topics your children will cover are:

  • Finite/Infinite Numbers,
  • Natural numbers,
  • Whole numbers,
  • Integers,
  • Adding signed numbers,
  • Adding and subtracting rational expressions,
  • Multiplying and dividing rational expressions,
  • Solving pure quadratic equations,
  • Square roots,
  • Pythagorean theorem, and so much more.

Starting in Beginning Algebra, chapters are longer than what your student will be used to. Natural breaks occur when the student encounters a Your Turn to Play. 

At the end of each chapter there are six CITIES which your children have to work through (as with the bridges in Pre-Algebra) and they determine whether to move forward.

They take roughly 20-30 minutes to complete and, again, give your student a chance to test, review, and test again for mastery at each level.  As with all the Life of Fred books, humorous incidents lighten the content and keep your child engaged in the learning process.

While Beginning Algebra allows, but does not require, the use of a basic calculator all problems are completely worked out to help your student. For students who would like more practise, you can request a custom order of Zillions of Practise Sums by completing the contact form.

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