Life of Fred Cats


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Is it a cat or is it a tiger? Life of Fred, Cats takes you through Fred's evening where he learns that not everyone is trustworthy but all of us love cats - well most, anyway. While Fred goes about his 5 year old professor business you can journey with him and learn all of the following along with beginning mathematics.

  • Commutative properties
  • Cardinality of a set
  • One quarter
  • Numerals vs. numbers
  • Counting by threes
  • Finding patterns
  • Right angles
  • A quarter to three
  • 5280 feet in a mile
  • Numbers expressed as hundreds, tens and ones
  • Sexagesimal and decimal systems
  • Numbers that add to 13
  • Centuries, centenarians, and centurions
  • Square feet
  • Volume
  • One meter
  • The three countries of the world that don't primarily use the metric system
  • What mathematicians do
  • Prime numbers
  • Less than (<).
  • and much more . . .

Because Fred loves to learn you will read about Ursa Major (Big Bear) constellation, obligate carnivores, the Mariana Trench, Ferdinand Magellan's trip and what Pacific means.

As learning cannot happen without reading, or being read aloud to, Life of Fred naturally shows how language is needed for everyday life so you will dip into some grammar and learn about Vowels, adjectives and verbs that capital letters start sentences, five vowel words: Mat, Met, Mit, Mot, Mut as well as twenty-two English words that don't contain a vowel.

Along with all of this learning in Life of Fred, Cats you have more than another 20 topics that will bring out a sense of wonder in the world around your children and equip you to live a lifestyle of learning together.

Any answers you need are included in the textbook. Complete this book and you are ready for Life of Fred Dogs.