Life of Fred Farming


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One of the benefits of Life of Fred, Farming is that you know that your children are reading a mathematical textbook written by someone who LOVE maths, loves information and respects your child's innate hunger for knowledge.

Life of Fred, farming is a book written by a Dad who homeschooled, for Moms who homeschool - and this is why you need to use it with your children. This book covers beginning mathematics including . . .

  • Adding to 14
  • Googol
  • Percents
  • Adding to 16
  • Rows of a matrix
  • Median average
  • Union of sets
  • All of mathematics generated by the empty set
  • Proof that the set of everything (the Universal Set) cannot exist
  • and much more . . .
Have you ever wanted to learn Cock-a-doodle-doo in four languages?

Well, with Life of Fred, Farming, now is your chance! But you will also learn why many dolls have a vacant stare and what the circumference of the world is. Your children will NEVER say to you again: "Maths is boring!" they will be asking for more as you close the book.

if you have used our previous Life of Fred books, you will know that the answers are included in the textbook. Each chapter has 6 pages an at the end of each chapter is Your Turn To Play where you and your children can figure out some interesting and challenging questions based on what you have read. Do you get to use a calculator? Not yet, now is the time to continue to build strong neurological paths by applying your mind to the questions in Life of Fred, Farming.

After this book you are ready for Life of Fred, Goldfish.