Life of Fred Goldfish


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Life of Fred, Goldfish is the 7th book in the elementary homeschool maths program written by Stanley Schmidt, PhD. As with all the Life of Fred stories they can be read over and over again and each time the enjoyment grows. As you move through your homeschooling days with your children you will also begin to see ways to reinforce the principles they are learning with their friend and guide, Fred.

In Life of Fred, Goldfish, you will cover beginning mathematics including . . .

  • Drawing things to scale
  • Digits in a number
  • The whole point of maths
  • Polygons and sequences
  • Definition of an Acre
  • Meters vs. Yard and Kilograms vs. Pounds
  • Area of a rectangle
  • Cubic feet into gallon and gallons of water into pounds
  • Multiplying by ten, hundred and thousand
  • Decimal point and estimating sums
  • Practicing the metric system with dental floss!
  • Bar Graphs
  • and much more . . .
Instilling wonder in your children with Life of Fred

Because all of life includes maths and life is learning as you read this unique maths textbook you and your children will understand Tulip mania, similes, what is crocodile smile and a waning moon.

Included are also some fundamental life skills! Why you shouldn't wave your money around, keeping your word and picking your friends and your spouse. And of course the very important issue that people's life goals are different than fish's life goals and the benefits of living in a city vs. living in the country.

Just like all the other books in the series, each chapter is about 6 pages and at the end of each chapter is a "Your Turn To Play" where you and your children can apply what you have learnt. The answers are included in the textbook, but be sure to not peep on the next page for them, you won't learn much by taking that short cut.

After you have finished Life of Fred, Goldfish, your children will be ready for Life of Fred Honey.