Life of Fred Jelly Beans


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Everyone loves a little sweetness in life! And as you venture into Life of Fred - Jellybeans - you will discover a whole lot of fun as Fred learns about a variety of mathematical principles. This is the last in the elementary maths books and in it you will find out about:

  • Finding one-third of a number
  • Using Fisher's Exact test
  • Prime and Fibonacci numbers
  • Casting out nines
  • Seven to the one-thousandth power in three steps
  • Intersection of sets
  • Commutativity of intersection
  • Decimal points
  • Logs
  • Median and mean averages
  • Exponents
  • Set subtraction
  • Reducing fractions
  • Milli- and Kilo-
  • Tally marks
  • Pie charts
  • And lots more!

As you travel with Fred through his eventful days you and your children will have the opportunity to also learn why little babies can't fritter away their time and what cows don't think about! Because our universe is so full of marvel you will discover what the probability is that Fred will see Betelgeuse become a Super Nova!

Do you think about how to prove you are no a duck? Well, think no further, Fred has the answer to this and what is the happiness killer - oh, and the 5 biggest things your income depends on. If you are interested in all these things -and more, don't hesitate to jump in a buy Life of Fred, Jellybeans. When you have completed this book, you are ready to go onto Life of Fred, Kidneys in the intermediate maths section.