Life of Fred: Liver


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As you move into the second book in the intermediate range, Life of Fred - Liver, will continue to entertain and educate your children. In the beginning of the textbook, Stanley F Schmidt PhD says: "There are good ways to teach arithmetic, and there are bad ways." What you will not find is:

Here's how you do this, and her are 30 sums.

What you will find is maths being part of everyday life, and Fred's life is the vehicle. Some of the maths you will learn is:

  • 1/4 + 1/4 +1/4 = 3/4
  • Elapsed Time
  • The sum of the 3 angles of a triangle
  • The Pythagorean Theorem
  • Solving 2x - 7 = 11
  • Pie charts
  • Short division
  • Quotients
  • Secant lines
  • Changing percents to fractions
  • Reducing Fraction and finding an average and much more.

Because all of life is learning, and you are learning through Fred's life you will also figure out what to pack for camp and the two rules of survival. You will be amazed about what livers do, what cirrhosis is and even an extradural haemorrhage!

Fred also finds out four drawbacks of living in a castle in Germany and the first step in producing great art.

When you have completed Life of Fred, Kidneys, you are ready to move onto the last book in the intermediate series, Life of Fred, Mineshaft.