Life of Fred: Mineshaft


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In Life of Fred, Mineshaft your children will find the balance of too little vs too much effort. Continuing to build on your skills learnt in the previous books, they will be required to apply some effort. As Stanley F Schmidt, Ph.D, the author of the Life of Fred series says: "The most common mistake is to put in too little effort. Human beings often like to take the easy road." So, besides for figuring out what to do with eleven hours of free time each day, this book covers intermediate mathematics including:

  • Milligrams and pounds and converting 39 inches into feet
  • Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions
  • Rounding Numbers
  • Three-eights of 19,416
  • Is a Quart less than (<) a duck?
  • Subtracting 3 oz. From 4 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Subtracting 7 Minutes 25 Seconds from 20 Minutes 10 Seconds
  • Subtracting 2 Gallons 1 Quart from 4 Gallons
  • Exponents, perpendicular lines, diminutives and Rhombus
  • Cardinality of Sets, sectors and inverse operations
  • Division by 100
  • Chords of a Circle
  • Three Definitions of Diameter, subtracting 40 Feet from 9 Miles and does x < y imply y > x?
  • and more.
Is that all?

Like all the previous Life of Fred maths books your children will also learn a variety of life lessons, scientific knowledge, language skills and more like the number of stars in a typical galaxy and what piece of leather made feudalism possible the reason to learn the Greek alphabet.

So if you and your children want to learn a whole lot of maths and why you won't bump into Moby Dick in Kansas be sure to invest in Life of Fred, Mineshaft. All the answers are included in the textbook, but please make the effort to do all the Your Turn To Play questions, without peeping! Once you have finished this book you should be ready to move onto the pre-high school maths books.