Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 1 with Biology


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Another day in Fred's life and on this spring morning in Life of Fred pre-algebra with biology you will find out about what it takes to run a shopping mall, how to ask for oats in Scotland and the correct way to deliver flowers to a hospital patient!

But you will have to do some maths too with a decent amount of algebra and biology thrown in. Here are some of the topics you will cover:

  • Definition of life, germination of seeds
  • Sets
  • Fractions
  • Germination of seeds
  • Area of a Rectangle and volume of a cube
  • Ordinal and negative numbers
  • Diameter and circumference of a circle
  • The Five Kingdoms - as well as the Phyla, Classes, Orders, Families, Genera, Species
  • Your Brain, your eyes and blood
  • Conversion factors
  • Subsets of sets
  • Digestion and dominant genes
  • Genotypes and phenotypes
  • And so much more!

Life of Fred, pre-algebra with Biology is for children in grades 6-8. This is non-consumable as your children will not write in the book and answers are included in the textbook. Once you have completed this course you will be ready for Life of Fred, pre-algebra with economics.