Life of Fred Pre-Algebra 2 with Economics


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Life of Fred, Pre-Algebra with Economics is for your older children who have worked through the intermediate maths courses by Dr Schmidt. The same engaging style continues as you find Fred starting his summer vacation from lecturing at Kittens University. The textbook is only as serious as it needs to be. So along with a whole LOT of maths you will also learn how to get rid of snakes in sugar cane fields and the difference between freedom and liberty. Dr Schmidt will also tell you how not to bore your horse if you are a jockey and why Fred couldn't be a movie star!

And as it is a math curriculum you will even study some algebra and economics, including...

  • The domain and codomain of a function
  • Conversion factors and steps in solving word problems
  • One-to-one functions, unit analysis
  • Key to a successful business
  • Five qualities that money should have
  • Definitions of Capitalism, Socialism, and Communism
  • Payday loans, interest rates and partnerships
  • Why we have a high standard of living
  • Demand curves and Venn Diagrams
  • Ricardo's Law of Comparative Advantage

As you journey through Fred's holiday, you will also find out about the tulip mania in Holland and a sure-fire way to create 100% employment. Of course your study of economics wouldn't be complete unless you knew how to run a successful hot dog business and 4 ways to kill competition.

As with all our textbooks, Life of Fred, Pre-Algebra with Economics has all the answers in the book and it is reusable for other children. Once you have completed this book you are ready to start working through Beginning Algebra which we can get for you on special order. Please contact us if you are ready to move on.