Story of the World Year 2 Bundle


Story of the World year 2 bundle takes your children on an exciting journey through the middle ages using literature and hands on activities.

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Dive into the world of knights and castles with the Story of the World year 2 bundle! You will enjoy a broad sweep of the middle ages as you read together and do exciting hands on activities.

As you travel through time you will learn about the rise of the Islamic Empire, the Crusades and the Diaspora of the Jews.

Your children will discover the reawakening – the Renaissance – in Europe as well as make friends with the star gazing Copernicus and Galileo.

Story of the World is designed to be read aloud to children from ages 8 and up.

With Story of the World Activity Book, you will take your children’s history lessons to another level . Here your children get to put what they learn in the read aloud into practise.

They will do map work based on what they have read as well as written narrations. While you are reading to them they can colour in the picture in the back of the book.

All worksheet pages are perforated and you can tear them out. Photocopying is allowed for your own family, so you need to only buy one for everyone.

There are lists of additional living books that you can read together as well as detailed instructions for some really fun hands on projects.

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