Story of the World Year 3 Bundle


Story of the World Year 3 bundle allows your children to discover the early modern times using historical literature and hands on activities.

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Story of the World Year 3 bundle allows your children to discover the early modern times as the America’s are settled and the Protestants flee Europe.

Susan Wise Bauer’s third year history studies take you and your children through the rise of slavery and the American War of Independence in the western hemisphere.

Your children will head over to the eastern hemisphere to learn about the Japanese warlords and China in crisis.

In the northern hemisphere they will discover Catherine the Great, the Luddites and Napoleon Bonaparte. You will also discover the Mogul Emperors in India and the Sun King in France

Activity Book

In the Story of the World Year 3 bundle you also receive the amazing hands on activity book.

The activities start with map work. A map of the area is supplied and your child identifies and marks pertinent areas, routes, and features.

The geography section is normally followed by a coloring page, highlighting some aspect of the history lesson, or some other word activity.

The consumable student pages provided for these pencil and paper activities are found at the end of the activity book. These consumable pages may be reproduced by individual families only.

The chapter closes with a variety of projects to do based on that the time period. These may be arts, crafts, writing, or science projects. Or just fun supplemental activities. Most require only common household supplies and art supplies such as paints & paintbrushes, boxes, newspaper and waxed paper or self-drying clay.

Several projects are provided for each chapter, covering a wide range of activities.

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