Story of the World Year 4 Bundle


Story of the World Year 4 enriches your child’s modern world history experience with literature and hands on activities.

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This is the last in the classical homeschooling history series by Susan Wise Bauer. Story of the World Year 4 bundle covers one of the best loved queens of England through to the end of the USSR.

As England faces one of the greatest times of well being, America is plummeted into civil war.

Your children will learn about the First and Second World Wars. Their studies will finish off with a global view of communism and the wars fought because of it.

Activity Book

With the Story of the World activity book 4, you get a whole lot of fun and hands on learning to your children’s history studies.

The activities commence with map work, where a map of the appropriate area is supplied, and your child identifies and marks pertinent areas, routes, and features.

The geography section is normally followed by a colouring page, highlighting some aspect of the history lesson, or some other word activity. Our children liked to colour this in while listening to the read aloud.

The consumable student pages provided for these pencil and paper activities are found at the end of the activity book. These consumable pages may be reproduced by individual families only.

Finally, the chapter closes with a selection of projects to do to really “get into” the featured civilization or time period. These may be arts, crafts, writing, or science projects, or just fun supplemental activities. Most require only common household supplies and art supplies.

These could include anything from creating your own game to making a meal. Your child will have fun making armour, textured maps and learning cryptography amongst a few of the 100s of ideas suggested in the guide.

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