Writing with Ease 1


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Why do your children need Writing with Ease 1? No matter how technological the world gets, there are 3 things your children need to know how to do well:

Read, write and do maths.

Using Susan Wise Bauers gentle approach to learning your children will become accomplished writers.

This book contains all of the copy work, comprehension questions, and reading passages. There are 36 weeks of lessons –  a full year of writing study.

Using passages and sentences from classic children’s literature, your children will practice their skills while absorbing the style and grace of great authors. Charming illustrations by Jeff West add a visual element that will spark your child’s imagination.

The Workbook is divided into 36 weeks of instruction with four lessons per week. It includes a parent section and consumable student pages in one book.

You get detailed directions and scripted dialogue with suggested student responses in every lesson, so that  you can teach with confidence!

Writing With Ease series teaches your younger children how to transform thoughts into coherent paragraphs.

This book is aimed at children in the range of grade one and two.

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