Writing with Ease Level 4


Writing With Ease Level 4 allows young writers to continue to hone and practice their skills while absorbing the style and grace of great authors.

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Writing with Ease Level 4 walks you and your child through the difficult transition into original writing. The lessons are scripted, step by step which equip parents with all the tools needed to set your child up to win.

There are selections from classic children’s stories which are designed to hold your child’s attention and fire their imagination. The  accompanying exercises allow your young writer to develop her own composition skills.

This course is designed for older elementary students.Writing with Ease Level 4 builds on the groundwork laid in earlier volumes. The work is both challenging and reassuring for you and your child to enjoy. Workbook 4 begins the all-important preparation for the middle grade years. Level 4 is best used with children in grades 3-5.

This is a combination book which includes both the student work pages and the parent’s scripted lessons. All of the copy work assignments, comprehension questions, and reading passages is included. Because the program uses passages and sentences from classic children’s literature, it allows young writers to practice their skills while absorbing the style and grace of great authors.

The book is illustrated by Jeff West  and add a visual element that will spark your child’s imagination. They are charming and whimsical to inspire young writers.

The Workbook is divided into 36 weeks of instruction with four lessons per week, and includes an Instructor Section and consumable Student Pages. You have all that you’ll need for a full year of writing study! You get detailed directions and scripted dialogue with suggested student responses in every lesson, so you can teach with confidence!

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