Life of Fred Fractions


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Now that you know your addition and multiplication tables, you are ready for Life of Fred: Fractions.

Fred will take you far beyond elementary knowledge of fractions so, even if you have had some basic training on how to divide up a pie so that you get the biggest "fraction" you will do well to start here.

Life of Fred, Fractions covers one morning in our five-year-old hero's life in which he teaches a class at the university, buys a bicycle and later, in his office, he hurts his foot and is taken to the hospital

This book lays the first half of the foundation for pre-algebra including . . .

  • Less than
  • Billion
  • Cardinal and ordinal numbers
  • Area, diameter and radius
  • Savings and expenses
  • Definition of a fraction and what makes the improper
  • Sectors
  • Comparing and reducing fractions
  • Adding and subtracting fractions
  • Common denominators
  • Roman numerals
  • Least common multiples
  • Lines of symmetry
  • Division by zero
  • Circumference
  • Multiplying mixed numbers
  • Commutative law
  • Definition of a function
  • Unit analysis
  • Division of fractions
  • Geometric figures
  • Estimating answers
  • and much more . . .

Unlike all other math programs, this one also teaches about:
• Boyle's Law of Gases
• Onomatopoetic words and hyperbole
• Why you shouldn't run with an 18" knife in your hand!

The answers are included in the textbook. Complete this book plus Life of Fred Decimals & Percents and you are ready for pre-algebra.

Life of Fred Fractions is a hardcover textbook containing 192 pages. This book is not consumable. All answers are written on separate paper or in a notebook.

The three books Life of Fred Fractions and Life of Fred Decimals & Percents together take about 65 to 70 lessons if you do one each day including the time for the Bridges exams.